@amolith cool thanks. I actually started to move my own services to netcup based on your recommendation ☺️ think I might have used your code 👍🏻

@amolith what do you use in the way of virtualization to host all your services at nixnet?

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I have been using Authy for 2FA for a few years now. The same account for work and personal. I'm looking to separate those now. I'll keep Authy for work, but I'm thinking of switching my personal one to a different vendor. Any suggestions Fediverse?

@jussi do the window pane test. If you hold the dough up to the light and stretch it without ripping the dough you should be able to see daylight though it then the gluten is well developed if not keep kneeding 😄

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Hackers breach LineageOS servers via unpatched vulnerability - LineageOS source code, OS builds, and signing keys were unaffected, developers said. more: zdnet.com/article/hackers-brea

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Nun ist das SIP abgeschaltet, der Infodesk geschlossen und ein Großteil der Merchbestellungen verschickt.
Wir bedanken uns bei euch und haben dazu ein paar Worte ins Wiki geschrieben: di.c3voc.de/ausblick

Macht weiter so! Und keine Sorge, wir sind nicht aus der Welt.

Digital verteiltes Chaos geht weiter! #DiVOC einfach #WeitermachenStattAbbauen


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